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Additionally, most like will not be wrong and incorrect.

If you want to copy a page and put into a folder, in other words change the location, you must, CLICK and DRAG the file to the new folder.

Updating a library item in a large site may not result in the pages where the library item resides being updated, even though Dreamweaver says it is updating pages.

One suggestion for dealing with this problem is to use the Site Menu to Recreate the site cache.

Sometimes the two process streams try to update the same file at the same time and Dreamweaver may crash or the file will not be updated correctly.

Unfortunately Dreamweaver doesn’t handle this situation the way that it should, which would be to run one stream first and then run the second one.

How can I find out where to clear the cache on the server?

I waited overnight and the three pages still have not reflected the change.

This is also extra code that needs to be downloaded for each page as it's the background.

By put that code in a style sheet it is only downloaded once and since your pages are going to use CSS stylesheets anyway, it's wise to at least define the background image in the CSS stylesheet file anyway.

So if you clicked Update in step 4, you create a process stream that updates those files. All format*templates were created from the template. If you clicked Update in step 4, a second process stream would be created when the template was updated with the change to the left_file in order to update all the file that use this template.

So then we have 2 process streams running at the same time.

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