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— “…those vlogs are now private, and I just want to get out of the way why we did that.We did that because we don’t want to give these people anymore fuel than they already have and I don’t want them to twist our words out of context.” (Matthew) This is in reference to the original vlogs Matthew and Nicole posted about the event.She believed in me, and she was ready for the next phase of her life.It was a mind-blowing opportunity and, I thought, a little crazy.

In case you missed it, there’s been bizarre You Tube drama going on between Matthew Santoro and Gunnarolla, with special guest appearances by Matthew’s girlfriend, Nicole Arbour, and Gunnarolla’s friend, Meghan Tonjes. Today there was a new development in the form of an even more bizarre video by the Santoro/Arbour camp, upset about being “bullied” by Gunnarolla’s fans, and claiming that he and Tonjes have been doing all of this for publicity.But I bet you mean a typical day at the shop :) Everyday is different!We are appointment only, so we know a little about our brides before they walk through the door, but each day is filled with new love stories and new personalities. But if that was all it was, I would have been done after a month.Commissioners voted to remove the 13- to 16-inch protective slot limit on largemouth bass at Dierks Lake.They voted to change the catfish creel limits on Millwood Lake to the statewide limits.

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Jamie Marshall is the field director of the Southwest Region of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund.

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