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As the couple laid unresponsive in Highland Park Hospital in Skokie, Illinois, their beds were wheeled into the same room by staff and family members positioned their hands so they touched.

'I didn't want them to be scared,' their granddaughter Debbie Handler told the Daily Herald.

He has a ridiculous track record when it comes to dating models.

'I thought maybe if they knew the other was there, it would help.'Teresa, 89, died first.

Forty minutes after the couple's hands were separated and she was removed from the room, 91-year-old Isaac passed.'Their love for each other was so strong, they simply could not live without each other,' said their daughter Clara Gesklin during the couple's joint funeral service Monday at Shalom Memorial Funeral Home in Arlington Heights, Illinois. They eventually married and moved to Skokie, where they raised three children: Clara, Daniel and Leonardo.

Blake Lively – Lively and Di Caprio were reported to be in a relationship from May to October 2011.

Lively is currently married to actor Ryan Reynolds, but according to The Blemish, Reynolds is jealous of some recent flirting going on between his wife and Di Caprio.

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Isaac opened a kosher meat distribution business and Teresa was a homemaker and manicurist. To the last second,' said Rabbi Barry Schechter, who led the service.

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