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Now, what we care about are the ones that keep making the free-throws. So, let's just focus on the 75% that made the first one. So you could say that the percentage of the Lebron James-es that we would expect on average to make the first two free-throws. This is the length right over here is 75 percent of 75%. And I think you might began to see a pattern emerging, Let's go to the 3rd free-throw: free throw number 3. And it if you would go all the way to free throw #10, and I think you see the pattern here, (if we are going all the way to Free Throw #10), so I am just skipping a bunch, we are going to get some very, very, very small fraction that had made all ten, is essentially going to be 75% times 75% times 75%...

Some of these 25% might make some free-throws going forward. So what percentage of these folks are going to make the third one? 10 times: 75% being multiplied repeatedly 10 times. Right over there,) (let me throw the multiplication signs in there, so) (times, times, times, times...) So this little fraction that made all ten of them is going to be equaled to this value right over here. let's see: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: 75 percent being repeatedly multiplied 10 times.

So, I looked up your career free-throw percentage and you are right at around, 75%, which is a little bit higher than my free-throw percentage. What percentage of the folks who made of the Lebron James-es, that made the first free-throw, what percentage would we expect to make the second one?

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